Manual of Good Practices for Guests

All reservations in accommodations which are used for touristic purposes involve having to sign a contract by the customer (tourist) with the operator / manager of the property or the owner / manager of the apartment.

The contract serves to establish the rights and obligations of the parties involved.

These rights and obligations also imply the obligation to comply with this Manual of Good Practices.

Failure to comply with the obligations stated in the contract and in this Good Practices Manual are grounds for termination of said contract.

1. Basic rules of living in a community during your stay:

1.- Respect your neighbours.

2.- Do not make any kind of noise/disturbance, especially between 22:00 and 8:00 am.

3.- Do not smoke in common areas nor inside the apartment, even if outside the balcony, smoke comes inside anyway.

4.- Correct and diligent use of common facilities is required (elevator, stairs, entrance door).

5.- It is forbidden to host or invite more persons than those listed on the reservation document.

6.- Be respectful, polite and courteous to the neighbours.

7.- Ensure you have the correct floor and door number of your accommodation, so that you are able to use the intercom properly and avoid disturbing the neighbours unnecessarily.

2. Basic rules about noise and nuisance to others:

1.- To ensure your neighbours are not disturbed, it is forbidden to play music or to have guests in the accommodation between 21.00 till 10.00.

2.- Parties or any other kind of uncivil behaviour is strictly forbidden.

3.- Meetings involving third parties who are not listed on the reservation document are not permitted in the rental accommodation, on the terrace, balcony nor in any other communal area.

4.- Correct use of common areas and facilities of the building where the accommodation is situated is required. This civilised behaviour applies to both common areas and inside the rented accommodation.

5.- All guests are required to remove any trash from their accommodation on a regular basis throughout their stay to avoid unpleasant smells and maintain cleanliness.

3. Basic rules of security (for you and the neighbours):

1.- Close the windows and lock the door using a key when leaving the rented accommodation.

2.- Make sure that you have the key before leaving the accommodation.

3.- Do not open the door for unknown persons or for persons delivering commercial mail.

4.- Should you lose the apartment’s keys or any documentation relating the key to the apartment, make sure you contact the owner/manager of the property as soon as possible.

4. Safety tips and guidelines against antisocial behaviour

1.- Keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times, especially in crowded areas or when travelling on public transport. Pickpockets take advantage of any distractions to steal valuables from you.

2.- Stay wary of strangers approaching you with dodgy excuses (helping you to clean up after they’ve spilled liquid on you, selling you flowers, asking you to take part in a football match, etc...). Don’t lower your guard: these are some of the cunning techniques that pickpockets use to strike.

3. The ordinance on good citizenship of Barcelona prohibits and penalises, among others, the following behaviours:

- To purchase and consume alcohol in public places, outside licensed premises. Always remember that food and drinks that are sold on the street haven’t undergone any health control.

- To buy, possess or consume drugs. The possession of certain quantities and/or the supply or sharing of some drugs may constitute a public health offence.

- To practise integral nudism or walking around with a naked torso outside the beach.

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